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« Cristoforo t-shirt orders!

Cristoforo t-shirt thumbnails

Cristoforo t-shirt thumbnails. These are double-sided so A1 is the front and A2 is the back for a single t-shirt design, etc. Relative sizes of front vs back elements are not necessarily to scale. (click for 2.5 MB PDF)

T-shirts promoting my new Kickstarter-funded typeface Cristoforo are now available! There are six different t-shirt designs available, many full-color and double-sided! For my Kickstarter backers at $77+, your t-shirt was included in your pledge. For backers at lower levels and other readers who see and like the t-shirts, see below for costs and payment instructions. I do not expect to print these shirts again, so this may be your only chance!

To order your shirt:

– Download the PDF (Cristoforo t-shirt designs, 2.5 MB) for a high-quality reference on the different designs. Background colors are carefully matched to the shirt colors now.

– use my shirt order form on SurveyMonkey

If you have not pre-paid as a $77+ backer, you can still order a shirt! Or you can add shirts. See below. Note that most of these are double-sided and involve full-color images.

The window for orders will remain open until I have all the required backers’ orders in hand (maybe May 21?). The order form will just stop working when I cut it off, and I will update this post as well.

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