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« Bugs in World-​Ready Composer

If you have bug reports on the underlying World-​Ready Composer capabilities in Adobe Creative Suite 4 applications, log them as comments on this post, and I’ll make sure they get seen by the right people.

If you have feedback on scripts, templates, plug-​ins, or my big article on the World-​Ready Composer, please make comments to that post instead.



4 commentsto “Bugs in World-​Ready Composer”

  • February 4, 2009
    Steven K. wrote

    This is about right to left Text Frames, not really the composer. Every Text Frame has StoryPreferences which includes optical margin alignment. In ME version and in CS4 scripting there is also Story Direction which is set to change Text Frame to be Right-​to-​Left Text Frame or Left-​to-​Right Text Frame. During the creation of a Text Frame this property is ignored. For example if in the Text Defaults for the Document or the application, the StoryDirection is set to Right-​to-​Left the text Frame created is still left-​to-​Right. The same is true for Object Styles, even if the property Story Direction of an Object Style is set to Right-​to-​Left the Object created is Left-​to-​Right and clearing overrides doesn’t change that. The only way to change the property seems to change the text Frame property one at a time.

  • October 6, 2009
    Jan Krans wrote

    It’s an odd combination, but it happened to me: when I put a Unicode character of the range above in a line which uses the world-​ready composer, a footnote reference in that line disappears [using InDesign 6.0.4]. The footnote itself does not disappear. An anchored object also disappears.

  • March 16, 2010
    RC wrote

    Nice Post!!!
    The plug-​in – IndicPlus is really usefull. Thanks for the link. Just to update you, it is for just $25 for Windows and Macintosh running Adobe’s InDesign CS4.

    Its support for Indic and other Asian fonts is really great. I was in search of such a thing for long since I need o work on Arabic fonts regularly.

    Highly recommended 🙂


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